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Fully customise your casement windows with a choice of different profile options, colours, textures, accessories, glazing and more.

The perfect solution for any home

Casement windows are the most contemporary of all window types available today. They have a very simple mechanism compared to sash windows and function by opening inward or outwards on hinges located at either the top or bottom of the frame. There is also a slightly modified variety called the awning window, which is hinged at the top and swings outward from the bottom.

Our casement windows come in a virtually limitless variety of shapes are sizes. Each one is custom designed to meet your specific needs with the possibility of various configurations and features including glazing bars, internal windows and more.

Reasons for choosing a casement window

The main benefit of casement windows is their versatility, with a setup to match any situation. Choose from a wide array of finishes, colours, designs and frames to create windows to match any style of property from any era. They are also incredibly easy to use and offer a simple, no-nonsense solution for anyone looking to find functional simplicity.


Fully customise your casement windows to meet your exact specification with a variety of options.

Energy efficiency

Casement windows provide excellent insulation and help you save money on your heating bill.


Internally-incorporated locks make casement windows incredibly tough to break into.

Clear views

Casement windows allow you to enjoy clear, unobstructed views and maximum light to enter the room.

uPVC casement windows

UPVC windows are becoming increasingly popular thanks to the amazing properties provided by the material as well as lower cost compared with traditional timber windows. UPVC is a durable, low-maintenance material often used as a substitute for painted wood across many industries and is prized for its versatility and multitude of uses.

If you’re looking to save money then this is definitely an option worth considering, not only due to the lower installation cost but also thanks to the money you’ll save on your heating bills in the future. Our UPVC windows offer great heat and sound insulation and energy rated according to strict building regulations.

Timber casement windows

Perhaps you prefer a more luxurious option, in which case timber casement windows would be the right choice for you. Available in both hardwood and softwood, our timber windows offer a feel of true prestige, especially for those living in period properties and conservation areas.

Although they will cost you more money, they will also last much longer than UPVC windows and you won’t need to worry about replacing them for a long time – as long as you take care to carry out maintenance when needed. Environmentally conscious homeowners will be happy to learn that timber windows are also much more eco-friendly and can be recycled at the end of their lifespan, whereas UPVC windows cannot.

Personalise your windows

Add some personality to your windows by customising them with a choice of different handles and architrave types. Pop into our Northfields showroom to browse a display of available options and try them out in person to get a feel for which ones will be perfect for you. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to finding the perfect windows to suit your individual taste!



Hover over each of the points for furniture details. Visit our Northfields showroom for a live demonstration of each one in action.

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Finishes and glazing options

Customise your new casement windows to your heart’s contempt with a wide array of finishes and glazing options. Go all-natural or choose a beautiful paint finish to match the existing style of your home. Choose a woodgrain texture to make your UPVC windows indistinguishable from their timber counterpart. You can even customise the glazing with a choice of double-glazing, triple-glazing as well as various frosted glass options.

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